At the corner of Creative & Strategic

Every so often we’ll put another image up of the studio to give you a taste of our culture. We’re not sure if it’s the business that is forcing us to grow into a larger space or the things that keep showing up in the Studio. Either way….enjoy the flavor!

Always Stylin’ and Profilin’… Playing double duty as both a bank for all of our coins and as a hat rack, this Star Wars helmet is a key component of the office!

Schematics in case we ever get bored of designing… Star Wars is all over the Studio490 office; this is but one of many that inhabit our four walls. Even villains needed to plan!

Got my eyes on you… A self-portrait painted by our very own Joshua during his time at UNCC’s Graphic Design courses. It sits right behind TJ’s desk, always keeping him in check.

Classic is a big theme in our office… These classic styled Coca-Cola bottles were purchased from the official museum in Atlanta, Georgia and they remind us of how far Coke has come since, pushing us to work harder!

The Force is Strong with this Team…  Maybe it’s the helmet or the cape, but I’ve always liked Vader. He’s deeply flawed but good deep down and did the right thing when it mattered most. Plus making things move with your mind is just plain cool; no more getting up to let the dog out or to get the remote. May the Force be with you!

Some Sweet Sweet 80’s Love… – Some friends who know that we collect cool stuff for the Studio ran across this set of New York Giants glasses in their garage. They are original and have been in a box for over 25 years. We call them the Classic Glassic – Go Giants! Big Blue!


We’ll Always Have Paris…  At least we’ll have pictures of Paris. Due to our New Orleans roots, there is a lot of French culture in our veins. Here is just one of the many pieces in our office. – Au Revoir


Frankie The Hat…  Frankie is in charge of holding some of our Fedora’s. It’s an important job and it keeps Frankie busy. If he wasn’t in charge of the hats, he’d be out in the village terrorizing people. So, it’s really for the good of the group that he keeps the hats. Great job Frankie!