Studio490 Policies

Here are some studio policies that we provide to our clients to make sure our communication is clear and can be referenced.

Scope Creep

Scope creep is identified as expanding beyond the agreed upon set of parameters and usually involves additional charges. If additional charges are required, Studio490 will make that known before work is done and get client’s approval.

Scope of Work

Any creep in scope will be identified, approved and invoiced separately. If the client has not provided an SOW, then only what is listed in this proposal will be covered in the cost of the project.

3rd Party Services

If 3rd party services are needed, client’s approval will be needed to proceed.  Examples of 3rd party services would be items such as Stock Photography, Illustration, Flash Development, etc.

Intellectual Property Policy

The design solution can not be shared or distributed to anyone without written consent to avoid legal proceedings. We trust you understand that with any creative service, we must enforce these rules to protect ourselves against those who would steal and/or copy our designs and ideas.


Communication is critical to building a long term relationship with each other. I’m always available by phone, email or even instant message.


Unless stated in a formal proposal, Studio490 is on a 30-day payment cycle. Invoices are provided to clients at the end of the month and payment is required by the end of the next month (30 days).

Deposit is not refundable

Once a deposit is made, the deposit is not refundable. If we are past the halfway point of the project, the client is responsible for the balance to be paid. Example: If we are working on a website, once the design phase is approved by the client, the full amount of the project is committed to being paid in its entirety.

Project Timelines

If the project becomes dormant for two weeks, Studio490 has the right to invoice for the balance of work completed.

Project Delays

If a project becomes inactive for more than 30 days, Studio490 has the right to invoice for the full amount of the project.