The Process

While creativity is intangible, we do use a process that allows us to remain strategic while being creative. By following the process, it allows us to put you and ourselves in the best possible position for communication and reaching your goals.

From the initial meeting, we are focused on finding out what you truly want. It’s our job to listen to what you say, but to hear what you mean. After the meeting, we summarize what we spoke of as a reminder of what we all stated. A formal proposal is provided based upon your Scope of Work and the discovery meeting. Once the proposal has been approved, we move towards the creative stage of the process.

By the time we begin designing, we have already gone through the discovery phase and have a great feel for what we are trying to accomplish. You are presented with PDF’s (Portable Document Format) for review and communication of the project. Once design approval is given, we then move on to final production.

As we are working on the Design elements, we also discuss the Marketing of the project and what is involved with that. This allows us to work parallel with the design team and maximize the creative elements for Marketing as well.

Once the creative and marketing aspects are completed and the product or service has been launched, we then begin to gather performance information. You can’t improve on what you don’t measure.

As you can see, this cycle allows us to define, create, launch, measure and redefine as needed on top of clear creative communication. Just because creativity is intangible, doesn’t mean we can’t develop it strategically for our clients.

  • Services: Design, Web, Social Media & Marketing

  • Services: Design, Web, Social, Marketing & Video

  • Client Testimonial

    Your pdf is very professional and nicely presented. This is more than we have received from other graphics people and in our opinion, the presentation of your artwork and ideas should always be done the way you did. This further helped us visualize the finished product. Your presentation was far superior.

    - Kathee & Bill Austin, AZ Partnership

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  • Client Testimonial

    He successfully took our company, with no marketing plan to be spoke of, into a new realm. His efforts included an up to date website and several marketing plans for our company that have resulted in increased revenue. The new revenue was a direct result of the plans implemented by TJ.

    - Chris Soiles, Able Inc.

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