Website Design Questions

How long does the production of an average sized website require?

“The average time to effectively define, design, produce, test, launch and promote a website is 6 – 8 weeks.”


How many pages is an average website?

“There are several variables that dictate the size of a website. Such as goals, team, content, time, money etc. In our experience, the average size of a website is about 10 – 15 pages. We encourage our clients to develop something at least 10 pages in size for a couple of reasons. You don’t want to have 15 pages with two sentences on each page and you don’t want a 2-page website with 3,000 words on the page. You want a well-rounded visitor experience and that would be 10 – 15 pages with 650 words to a page.”


How often should we update the design of our website?

“Is it form or function? Your website could last several years or it could last 12 months. The reason is the landscape of the web is ever-changing and some changes are bigger than others. Seeing the eye candy Parallax sites that look stunning is different than responding to the warning of “Mobile Friendly” websites which are a must. Those who don’t adjust get penalized.

While you shouldn’t have a website that is the same for 5 years, it’s more about the experience of your target audience and the technical changes to websites as a whole.”


How exactly does the website process work?

  • We have a discussion of your project to define your goals and objectives.
  • We have you fill out a Scope of Work (SOW) document that helps put everyone on the same page.
  • We then provide a formal quote that outlines the objectives, costs, and timelines.
  • We provide a design based upon our discussions for you to review.
  • Once approved, we proceed to the coding of your website.
  • While coding is taking place, content is gathered for each page of the site.
  • We build a keywor /phrase list for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) development.
  • Once all of the content is in place and the website has been tested, we develop a marketing campaign to launch the website.
  • Marketing is pushed out announcing the website in multiple channels.
  • We launch the website.
  • Visitor traffic reports are scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Monthly meetings should take place to discuss visitor feedback, traffic, and phase 2.
  • A retainer package is determined based on your needs/budget.
  • A website is not something that is developed and set adrift hoping for the best. It is a solution that is meant to grow and scale to your company’s and client’s needs.


How does the payment process work?

“After we provide a formal proposal outlining the cost and timelines, a 50% deposit is required and the balance is due at the completion of the project. If you are on a contract with Studio490, we offer a monthly pay cycle and priority turnaround.”


Why shouldn’t I simply purchase a $50 theme for our website?

When you purchase a theme to use…

  • You don’t own that theme. Anyone can purchase and use that same theme and therefore, look just like your website.
  • You are at the mercy of the developer’s expertise and ability to keep updates going.
  • If they decide to abandon that theme to develop another one, then any and all updates to your theme stop. Updates usually address security issues and if your theme stops developing updates, then your site developers a real security problem.”
  • The theme developer is thinking of a group of clients when developing this instead of just your needs
  • If that theme doesn’t come with the functionality you are looking for, custom coding could be substantial to work around a developer’s broad approach to development.
  • The one upside – it’s cheap! (hint: you get what you pay for)

Social Media Questions

How important is our Social Media presence actually?

“Having a Social Media presence for your company is not optional in today’s business landscape. Your audience wants to research their options before they make a decision. If you’re not educating them about your products/services, they will find someone else.”


Why can’t we just do the Social Media ourselves?

“You can! We can train you how to handle this development yourself. We can suggest the webinars and seminars you’d need to attend, the industry leaders you need to follow to stay up on trends, topics, and practices. The kinds of images you’ll need to research, the content resources to pull from and the on-going schedule you’ll need to keep on a monthly basis and more.

Unless… you have a full-time job. Then you may want to let us help you do the one thing you have time for – Your Job!”

Social Media is a moving target that has seasons that you need be mindful of and adjust to.


Can you guarantee immense growth?

“No! No one can guarantee that. People’s schedules change, people’s tastes change etc. That’s why being in front of people on a consistent basis is the best plan of action.

I can’t say this enough – Social Media is a Representative, NOT a Salesman. It is there to educate, direct and engage your target audience on your products and services. It’s not there to be the Used Car Salesman trying to close a deal. But the more you invest in Social Media, your website, and other marketing channels, the greater the growth will be.”

Video Production Questions

Can you explain how the video process would work?

“We have a discussion of what your goals and objectives are with the video. We discuss the kind of video or videos you may benefit from having produced. We help write the script for the video shoot, we help pick a location, we help stage the location and we suggest wardrobe as well.

  • We can offer 1 or 2 HD Camera options
  • Professional sound and lighting equipment
  • We do a couple of test runs to get you comfortable, adjust where needed and dial in settings
  • Once we are satisfied with the shoot, we proceed to edit the video and include an intro and outro and informational elements where needed
  • Once approved, the video is uploaded to the client’s video account and then distributed to the website and social media

Upon completion, your video process is complete and you have received an effectively crafted video!


How long does it take to fully shoot and produce one video?

“It depends on what kind of video, how many we are doing and if there are multiple shoots. However, let’s say it is a single location shoot, 60-second video. The shoot, editing and final production usually takes about 2 weeks.”


Is it actually worth the price?

“Video is where social media and websites are moving into. A landing page that has a video on it performs 86% better. From a sales standpoint, anything you can do to reduce the sales cycle is a great thing. Educating your audience with a video of your products, services, your company or FAQs is a great way to bring informed clients to your business. Your website and social media activity is online and communicating to your audience even when you’re not. Shouldn’t it be communicating as effectively as possible?”

Miscellaneous Questions

If we just started our company, what service would you recommend the most?

“As with many companies, where do you start? We recommend the logical location…at the beginning. We start with a consulting session to determine the goals and objectives of your company. This helps us to be proactive and not reactive. We then move to the development of a Business Plan, Marketing Plan and Brand Development etc.”


We aren’t really sure what we want. Can you help with that?

“Sure…that’s what they made Coffee for! We offer consulting services that allow us to talk about your goals and objectives and offer suggestions of where to start, how to start and most importantly…WHY!”


What kind of businesses do you work with?

“Our team has over 28 years experience in the creative industry and we have worked with a large range of companies. Ranging from the shoestring startup to the multi-million dollar company that is in over 85 countries. We are a professional team of great communicators that translate to any size company or industry”

Personal Questions

What is the best type of coffee?

“Wow…what a question! These are the kinds of questions that start protests. While I love a myriad of coffee varieties (drip, espresso, cappuccino, latte, iced, chai etc) my style is French Press hands down. Coffee is such a state of mind that sometimes I think the best coffee is the next coffee shop I haven’t tried yet.”


How long has Studio490 been in business?

“Shadow’s of the studio started back in 1995. Hobbies that had many of the elements the Studio would have today. Design, writing, web, communication, sketching etc. But in January 2007, we officially opened Studio490.


How many are on staff at Studio490?

“We have a team of 6 people with the ability to add to as needed.

  • Tj – Founder & Creative Director
  • Dana – CFO, Marketing & Social Media Director
  • Joshua – Graphic Designer & Web Coordinator
  • Noah – Social Coordinator & Writer
  • Daniel – Web Developer
  • Tim – Video Coordinator

Every single one of our staff is able to provide something beneficial for your company.


Where are you located?

“Studio490 was born in New Orleans, LA but has been in Charlotte, NC for over 9 years. Since most of our services are online, I’d say we are everywhere you need us to be.”

  • Client Testimonial

    Our church was in need of a new website and I am so glad that we got connected with TJ and Studio490. TJ and his team received our vision as their own and created a website that we are proud to share with our members, our guests, and the world for that matter.

    - DaVon Alexander – Truelife

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  • Client Testimonial

    I want to express how happy I have been during this process. You brought fresh ideas and helpful comments on the direction of the site. You showed tenacity for keeping track of all of the details and excellent project management to keep my team on schedule.

    - Melissa Irmen, Integration Point

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  • Client Testimonial

    Studio490 is the swiss army knife of design--Sleek. Versatile. Economical. With Studio490, everything comes in one efficient package. Marketing: Covered. Web: No Problem. Social Media: Cutting edge. What I love about TJ is that we communicate our ideas, but he crafts our dreams into visual reality.

    - Brian Goins, Author / Speaker

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  • Client Testimonial

    TJ and Dana have always been a pleasure to do business with. They didn't have to read the textbook on the taking care of their client, they just naturally live it everyday. We used them for our social media which has gone well and as a small business myself, I needed a very competitively priced set of services.

    - Rod Springhetti, Topanga

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